Evaporative Air Conditioning Changeovers

Evaporative Air Conditioning Changeovers

Do you have an evaporative air conditioning unit?

Did you know they need to be changed over every 15-20 years on average?

That’s right!

If your ducting is over 15 years old, it’s best to consider replacing it. Certain parts of evaporative air conditioning systems only have about a 15-year lifespan, and as they approach that mark, the system can begin to break down and lose its capacity to cool a house effectively. Evaporative systems can grow mould and develop a dirty film if not cleaned correctly – plus, the filters will rot after around 5-7 years. On top of that, the casing can crack from age and create a leak and fan motor bearings will often wear out.

So how do you know when your evaporative air conditioning unit needs replacing?
Well, there are a few tell-tale signs:

If you notice low or lower-than-normal airflow from cooling vents, it might be a sign that the system has become less effective over time. If the ‘full blast’ setting isn’t doing much to escalate airflow in absence of any obvious issues, it could simply be time for a replacement system. 

As one of the least expensive home cooling systems, an evaporative air conditioning system should run you pretty stable bills over its 15-year lifespan – so high power bills could indicate something is wrong.

All air conditioning systems make some degree of noise, but it should at most be a comfortable and familiar low ‘whooshing’ sound. Abnormal sounds like grinding, buzzing and rattling should be noted – if your system is 15+ years old, it could be a sign that you need an evaporative air conditioning changeover!

If you’ve started forking out far too regularly for evaporative repairs, your system may just be nearing the end of its lifespan. A good, well-functioning system should need a regular service once a year, but that’s about it!

It’s a bit of a worry if the air coming out of your air conditioning is not ‘conditioned’! Warm air that just doesn’t seem to be cooling the house down could indicate an issue with your evaporative system.

If any of this sounds familiar, you might need an evaporative changeover. At Hearth House, we can changeover the evaporative unit of your house and replace it with a brand new one – or we can help you make the switch from evaporative to reverse-cycle air conditioning instead.

All you need to do is give us a call and let us know:

  • What brand your current evaporative air conditioning system is
  • How many ducts are in your house
  • Whether you have a single or double-storey home

Then we’ll put together a quote for the changeover and get the job done!

Whether you’re located in Port Kennedy or Baldivis, Hearth House services the entire Mandurah area. If you’re ready for summer comfort, reach out today!

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