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Evaporative Air Conditioning Changeovers

Do you have an evaporative air conditioning unit? Did you know they need to be changed over every 15-20 years on average? That’s right! If your ducting is over 15 years old, it’s best to consider replacing it. Certain parts of evaporative air conditioning systems only have about a 15-year lifespan, and as they approach that mark, the system can begin to break down and lose its capacity to cool a house effectively. Evaporative systems can grow mould and develop a dirty film if not cleaned correctly - plus, the filters will rot after around 5-7 years. On top of that, the casing can crack from age and create a leak and fan motor bearings will often wear out. So how do you know when your evaporative air conditioning unit needs replacing?Well, there are a...

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Coolbreeze Bushfire Mode

No doubt you've seen or heard the Bushfire Emergency Warnings that make the statement "Close all doors and windows and turn off evaporative air conditioners, but keep water running through the system if possible" How do you keep water running through the system?This function is not available on many popular brands of evaporative air-conditioners - CoolBreeze QA series is one of the few that DO have this functionality. It is not available on QM series or older CR - CO - CZ controllers, even though they may have the automatic functions. To turn on BUSHFIRE MODE (or Pump Only Mode): If the unit is OFF or in FAN (F on display) mode - press the COOL button twice. (circled in red in the image above)The letter P will flash on the display to indicate Pump...

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Hearth House Mandurah – Leading AC Complete Service Supplier

Hearth House Mandurah is the Peel Regions most trusted Air Conditioning supplier and installer.  Why choose Heath House? Here are the key points. Most Reliable - Hearth House has been in business for over 35years so we will be there for all your service needs. Most Experienced - Hearth House Mandurah is run by Mark Davis a qualified and experienced installer of AC systems since 1993 Biggest Range - Hearth House Mandurah install Reverse Cycle Systems, Split Systems and Evaporative Cooling Best Brands - Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Ind, Coolbreeze, Rinnai and more In House Installation Team - This means you have the reassurance of a quality installation and 5 year warranty on workmanship. No more hand balling to a contractor who doesn't care. Spare Parts -...

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Panasonic RAC WiFi

Panasonic RAC Wi-Fi Control Module. See in store for details. PANASONIC_2018_RAC_WIFI_SOLUTION_FLYER_yfGGYBk

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