Perfect as a standalone cooker, or as a companion to the ESSE 990W or 905W, the ESSE 500EL is the smallest cooker in ESSE’s electrical range, but it still maintains all that ESSE experience and quality.

The ESSE 500EL isn’t just an oven, it’s two ovens. Both top and bottom ovens feature ESSE’s wrap around technology, meaning they will heat your food just like a wood stove, no hot spots. Both ovens take the large ESSE tray, perfect for feeding the largest of gatherings. And up above is the hotplate, which can not only be used to heat your pans or pots, but you can cook directly on top of it as well. And if you close the chrome bolster lid, you can trap the steam in, allowing you to char-steam veggies to perfection.

With 20 colour options, as well as an additional matte black option, styling your cooker to match your home, or more importantly your other cooker. The 500EL is a fantastic companion to one of the larger ESSE cookers, giving you more cooking options for any situation. And the simple control panel is detached from the unit, meaning it can be wall mounted next to the stove or hidden in a drawer for a cleaner look. And when it comes to plugging it all in, the 500EL plugs in with a single 15amp power plug, meaning no sparky needed.

A stunning little stove, perfect to fit in between two benches or next to an epic ESSE 990W wood stove, the ESSE 500EL is everything you love about ESSE’s electric range, brought down to a smaller size.

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