Made in Lancashire, the ESSE Electric Stoves have taken the United Kingdom by storm, and the lead favourite is the ESSE 990EL. With beautiful classic style enamel coated, cast-iron doors, chrome bolsters lids and black enamel hob, while this stove may seem old fashioned, underneath is one of the most powerful and efficient electric cookers on the market.

Behind every one of the 990EL’s doors is something fantastic. The top left-hand door hides the control panel. Neatly tucked away, everything you need to control the stove is here. Behind the other three doors are the cast-iron ovens. Featuring ESSE’s wrap around technology, ensuring an even distribution of heat throughout the ovens, each of the true cooking ovens can take the full length of one of the large ESSE baking trays. Up above, you get both a cast-iron and induction hotplate. With the cast-iron, not only can you cook with a pot or pan, but also directly on the hotplate – perfect for that grilled fish or those char-steamed veggies (add some water and close the bolster lid – yum!). On the induction side, get a near instant boil, or throw multiple pots on at once with the wide diameter.

We love the enamel colours ESSE provides for their range cookers. Enamel bonded to cast-iron, with 20 different colours available, it’s not hard to find the perfect colour for your kitchen. You can also go a matte black finish for something a bit more subdued and low-key. And if you want more cooking opportunities, adding an ESSE companion, either a 500 wood stove or 500EL, to the side of your 990EL, allows you to do that. This provides a fantastic six door look to your stove and means the only limit to cooking with the ESSE 990EL is the limits in your imagination. And when it comes to installation, no sparky required! Simply plug in the two 15amp power plugs and you’re good to go!

The ESSE 990EL is the chef’s dream stove – with three gorgeous ovens, two distinct and wonderful hotplates and a stunning enamel façade – plus potentially all the benefits of the companion – you have an epic stove perfect for any meal you throw at it.

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