We consider all aspects of your lifestyle, so we can offer you the right air conditioning or heating system, design and best energy efficiency available. Choose from our evaporative, ducted/split systems, indoor/outdoor gas, reverse cycle, wood/gas log fires, and cookers, which we install and service in order to maintain manufacturers’ warranties.

Take the guess work out of choosing the right heating and cooling products. Visit our conveniently located display centre where you will have access to working displays, operated by our highly trained staff who are on hand to help you decide which system is right for you. Contact us today. We service Mandurah, Pinjarra, Baldivis, and surrounding areas.

  • Air Conditioning Mandurah

    Air Conditioning Mandurah

    Mandurah Air Conditioning Installations and Repairs

    Australia is a beautiful country. Seemingly endless landscapes, a picturesque coastline, and idyllic weather, which is great for spending time outside. There’s not much better than relaxing in the outdoors while enjoying a barbecue and something cold to drink. However, your feelings of appreciation might disappear as soon as you step back into your home and you’re hit with a wave of heat. We want you to enjoy our stunning weather while making sure that your interior is cool and comfortable. As one of the leading air conditioning service providers in Mandurah, Hearth House provides professional and reliable air conditioning services, from air conditioning installations to repairs. We have more than three decades’ worth of experience in the industry and have installed more home heating and cooling systems than any other company in the city. This is a testament not only to our quality products, but also to the exceptional customer service that we provide. This is of course made possible through our professional installation services. Trained by Mark and led by Brayden, our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the heating and air-conditioning business. We will be more than happy to advise you on the best type of air conditioning system for your home based on your requirements.

    Air conditioning systems available:

    Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

    These types of systems deliver air through ducting pipes, which are usually placed in the ceiling, into each room via vents on the floor, wall, or ceiling. There is an outdoor unit and a concealed indoor unit. We use only the most reputable brands such as Panasonic and LG. The way that they’re installed makes them extremely discreet while still being completely functional. Not only will they keep you cool during those hot summer days, but will also add value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.

    Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems

    If you live in a dry climate and are looking for something a little more environmentally friendly, then these systems could be the answer. By cooling the air through water evaporation, these systems will save you money on both installation and running costs, making them a cost-effective cooling solution. They also do not require an enclosed space to be installed in. These systems also purify the air and remove any unpleasant odours from the interior of your home. We use the leading manufacturer of evaporative air-conditioners, Cool Breeze. With over 20 years’ worth of experience, you can rest assured that your family’s comfort is in good hands.

    Reverse Cycle Wall Split Air-Conditioning Systems

    By installing Panasonic systems, you will have peace-of-mind knowing that you’re using one of the best names in the business for your temperature control needs. The system pumps air from outside into your house after it’s been heated, perfect for those chilly months. During summer, the system cools the outside air to make sure that your house is comfortable and not affected by the outside heat. Contact Hearth House today if you have any questions about our systems. We’ll give you all the advice that you need to make an informed decision. Find out for yourself why we’re one of the leading air conditioning installers in Mandurah.
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  • Cookers

    It’s always great to find a product that has more than one use. When you think of a wood burning stove, your first thought may simply be of it being an alternative method of cooking, which of course it is. However, our Esse cookers are so much more than just a way to cook your steak. In an age when we are becoming more conscious of our environmental footprint, we need to start looking into renewable sources of energy to keep warm. Wood is a wonderful, and more affordable alternative to gas or electricity. This means that you can heat your space for less. You can feel warm and toasty without having to worry about the impact your comfort is having on your wallet. In addition, you won’t have to worry about being cold, or not eating if there is a power outage or if you run out of gas. If you have a supply of wood, you’ll be in no danger of freezing or starving. We have a beautiful range of wood fired range cookers on offer here at Hearth House. These are the perfect addition to your kitchen if you’re hoping to go the rustic route while still wanting a functional stove. Our Esse wood burning cookers are more than just simply functional though. It will most likely become the focal point of your kitchen as soon as its installed, and with good reason. These cast-iron wood stoves are truly beautiful and come in a range of designs that will be sure to suit your space. All these wood fire cookers are manufactured in England and will add that special old-world charm to your kitchen. They are the perfect rustic element to introduce to your home, especially if you have a farm-style or cottage design. With our range and design team, you’ll find the perfect wood fire stove for your home no matter what design you have. These stoves are also a great way to increase your home’s value, as they are highly desirable features for any home. You’ll be growing your home’s worth while saving on energy costs at the same time. More than the affordability, functionality, and aesthetics, these wood-burning stoves will encourage a warmer atmosphere in your house. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and this will definitely be the case once we install this stove. The warmth of the flames, and the smell of whatever is cooking will draw in the rest of the family. Soon, everyone will be relaxing in the cosy atmosphere invoked by one of our stoves. Get out the board games, put on the kettle, and get ready to enjoy some quality time. These stoves might remind you of years gone by but are such a great investment for any home. By providing heating and cooking functionalities, you’ll be getting the best of both. In addition, our team here at Hearth House will make sure that your stove is professionally installed and will give you a five-year installation guarantee. We also provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services to ensure that your wood-burning stove will give you plenty of heat and good food, for a long time to come. Have a look at our Esse cooker product range or come and visit our showroom. We’d be glad to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. You can also complete our online enquiry form and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.
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  • Home Heating

    Home Heating

    For all gas, wood and outdoor heating solutions

    Decent heating is vital to keep your home comfortable for those nights when the temperature drops. This is why you need to purchase a quality heating system for your home. By choosing Hearth House Mandurah, you are guaranteed top quality heating products. We are a lead heating and air conditioning supplier. We specialise in providing and installing various brands such as Panasonic, Regency, Masport, Lopi and Esse, amongst others. If you’re looking for reputable air conditioning products that offer superior quality and efficiency, Hearth House is the recommended stockist. Our heating products include the following: Fireplaces Nothing quite compares to the warm atmosphere that a wood heater will bring to your home. Aside from being effective at providing heat, they also enhance the atmosphere with the warm radiance that only traditional fireplaces can provide. More than these benefits, there are other reasons to love wood heaters. They are:
    • Economical
    • Renewable
    • Environmentally friendly
    Indoor and outdoor gas heating Gas heaters are perfect if you want fast and efficient heating for your home. Just turn it on and feel the warmth fill your house; these heaters are reliable, cost effective, and very economical. We also provide high quality outdoor gas heaters, which is the ideal choice for an alfresco entertainment area. Convenient and environmentally friendly, outdoor heaters offer endless design potential, blending in seamlessly with both modern and traditional homes. Outdoors Outdoor heating is convenient and eco-friendly. We offer an outdoor gas fireplace collection that can be a sleek, artistic, and functional addition to your home. Be sure to discover our range and please contact us for any additional information. We are certified and licensed installers with the necessarily qualifications to install gas lines, air conditioner upgrades, inspections and compliance certificates. We have supplied air conditioning and heating to:
    • Meadow Springs Primary School
    • John Tonkin College
    • Coast Cafe Pt Bouvard
    • Cads Survey Offices
    We also have homes around WA that rely on us for their heating and cooling systems. Your peace of mind is assured with Hearth House’s dedicated trained sales staff and installation division. Visit our showroom where we showcase working products to give you a better idea of what you’re buying. Installed by our fully qualified technicians, your space will be protected throughout the installation process and we will leave it as meticulous as we found it. Hearth House offers a selection of gas heaters from top manufacturers, offering you and your family total warmth and comfort. Contact us today to discuss your heating requirements.
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  • Panasonic Ducted Air-Conditioners

    Panasonic Ducted Air-Conditioners
    Panasonic Leads The Way Panasonic ducted systems boast an outstanding operating temperature range. Cooling operation is possible even when it is a scorching 46ºC outside, which is perfect for Australia’s hot summer days and the heating operation is designed to operate even when it’s a freezing -20ºC outside, so even the coldest parts of Australia are covered.
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  • Reverse Cycle Systems

    Reverse Cycle Systems


    If you want a heating and cooling system in one, then a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is perfect for your Perth home. Aside from providing excellent heating during the summer months, reverse cycle AC units also provide heating when the climate calls for it. Versatile, durable, and cost-efficient, these air-conditioning systems are an investment you will be happy to have made.

    We offer a wide range of models from Australia’s leading AC manufacturers. Our big buying power means we can offer top brands at great prices. We offer expert advice so you get the unit that is perfect designed for your home.
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