The Esse 500+1 Wood Stove

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The Esse 500+1 wood unit is a unique combination wood stove + wood heater. With a large wood firebox and glass fire box door allows heating up to 6+Sqrs and a 6-8 hour burn time

  • Stunning Finish
    The face and doors are a sturdy cast iron construction and finished off with a stunning enamel finish…with over 20 colors to choose from!
  • Hot Water
    The Esse 500+1 wood stove is available with or without hot water capacity. The hot water model gives you 3kW of low pressure domestic hot water where the dry model is perfect for the home just wanting a stylish cooker.
  • Large Single Oven
    A large deep single oven is built in under the firebox: with a HUGE capacity to bake all day long – the oven dimensions are; Height 200mm / Width 340mm / Depth 460mm / 25Ltr capacity with 2 shelf heights.
  • Add your 500+1 to an Esse Electric
    The Esse 500+1 wood stove is the perfect addition to any of Esse Electric cookers. This will give you a combined wood stove with an electric range as an “all on one” unit.
  • Performance
    The Esse 500+1 can heat a room up to 60m2 (or 6kW) and is an impressive 68% efficient with a clean 1.8grms emissions.
  • Esse colors
    Standard Colors are Black, Cream, White, Classic Green, pastel Green, Cocoa, Royal Blue, Pewter, Penumbra, Teal Green, Lavender, Powder Blue, Salmon, Dusky Violet, Shadow & Oxford Blue.
  • Premium colors
    Premium colors are Fern Green, Copper Brown, Primrose, Claret, lave and Nightingale.