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Many families turn to evaporative air-conditioning services to feel comfortable in Perth’s hot and dry summer climate. While a reverse cycle air conditioner can be a great option for cooling down a single room fast, ducted evaporative air-conditioning can cool your whole house down – and usually at a low cost, too.

Evaporative air-conditioning installation costs are around half that of a refrigerated system and its running costs are a fraction of reverse cycle air-conditioning systems. If you’re looking for long-term value, evaporative air conditioning is for you!

Evaporative air conditioning is both economical and energy-efficient. Because it operates best in a

non-humid environment, evaporative air conditioning systems are perfect for areas with hot, dry climates like Perth.

Unlike conventional or reverse cycle air conditioners, evaporative doesn’t require enclosed spaces – you can keep your windows open and enjoy the fresh air, too!

They are also environmentally-friendly. The mechanism used to cool your house is simple, relying on the age-old principle of drawing warm air over water to cool it before it’s dispersed.

CoolBreeze is a leading manufacturer of evaporative air-conditioners. For over 25 years, CoolBreeze products have been the first port-of-call for thousands of WA families and builders. Trust CoolBreeze if you want high-quality and affordable AC systems – we do!

Even on the two or three 40+ degree days we experience each summer, evaporative air-conditioning can make a huge difference.

Are you ready for summer comfort? Hearth House stocks a range of CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioning systems available for installation across Mandurah. Whether you’re in Port Kennedy, Baldivis, Byford or Secret Harbour – we can install, service, changeover or repair an evaporative air conditioning system for you.

If you’re not sure what you need, reach out to Hearth House for a chat with our heating and cooling consultants today!