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Many families turn to evaporative air-conditioning services to feel comfortable despite the Perth climate. Economical and energy efficient, evaporative AC systems are perfect for areas with hot, dry climates. Unlike conventional air conditioners, they do not require enclosed spaces. They are also environmentally friendly.

Cool Breeze is a leading manufacturer of evaporative air-conditioners. For over 25 years, their products have been the first choice of many families and Perth Builders. Trust Cool Breeze if you want high-quality and affordable AC systems.

Evaporative air-conditioners are ideal for the Perth climate and even on the 2 to three really hot days each summer, evaporative air-conditioning can make a huge difference – and you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, every night. Evaporative Natural air-conditioning costs to install, around half that of a refrigerated system and its running costs are a fraction of reverse cycle air-conditioning systems.

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