Electric Heating

Why to choose Electric Heating

Contemporary electric fireplaces

The eReflex collection is particularly appealing because of its undulating flame images that dance amongst a deep bed of genuine logs or sparkling crystals. The eReflex Inset fires are available in three different sizes and are designed to be built into the wall. On the other hand, the eReflex Outset fire gives you the ability to create a bespoke two-sided or three-sided installation for a one-of-a-kind focal point that offers a panoramic view of the breathtaking visuals this fireplace has to offer.

This unique electric fire collection is designed with the very latest LED technologies and offers a choice of gorgeous fuel beds, allowing you to choose the exact atmosphere to fit your mood – just your imagination is the limit.

Why you should choose electric heating over alternatives

  1. Safe and reliable
    With no combustible materials, flammable gases, or toxic fumes, electric heating is the safest option for home heating. The absence of moving parts in the majority of electrical heating systems reduces the likelihood of system failure, meaning your heating system will last a long time.
  2. Affordable and efficient
    In contrast to gas and wood, electric heating costs have remained consistent over time. Electricity is currently and is expected to remain for many years the least expensive heating alternative. Electric heaters can be individually wired from room to room allowing you to conserve energy at home by switching off rooms that are not being used. Most electric heaters are inexpensive to install, and because electrical heating systems are more durable than other heating sources, repair and replacement costs are minimal.
  3. Kind to the environment.
    No carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere by electric heaters as they do not rely on combustion. In addition to conserving natural resources, electric heating does not require fuel. It does not produce any emissions and eliminates the possibility of gas leakage.

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