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It’s always great to find a product that has more than one use. When you think of a wood burning stove, your first thought may simply be of it being an alternative method of cooking, which of course it is.

However, our Esse cookers are so much more than just a way to cook your steak. In an age when we are becoming more conscious of our environmental footprint, we need to start looking into renewable sources of energy to keep warm.

Wood is a wonderful, and more affordable alternative to gas or electricity. This means that you can heat your space for less. You can feel warm and toasty without having to worry about the impact your comfort is having on your wallet.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about being cold, or not eating if there is a power outage or if you run out of gas. If you have a supply of wood, you’ll be in no danger of freezing or starving.

We have a beautiful range of wood fired range cookers on offer here at Hearth House. These are the perfect addition to your kitchen if you’re hoping to go the rustic route while still wanting a functional stove.

Our Esse wood burning cookers are more than just simply functional though. It will most likely become the focal point of your kitchen as soon as its installed, and with good reason. These cast-iron wood stoves are truly beautiful and come in a range of designs that will be sure to suit your space.

All these wood fire cookers are manufactured in England and will add that special old-world charm to your kitchen. They are the perfect rustic element to introduce to your home, especially if you have a farm-style or cottage design. With our range and design team, you’ll find the perfect wood fire stove for your home no matter what design you have.

These stoves are also a great way to increase your home’s value, as they are highly desirable features for any home. You’ll be growing your home’s worth while saving on energy costs at the same time.

More than the affordability, functionality, and aesthetics, these wood-burning stoves will encourage a warmer atmosphere in your house. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and this will definitely be the case once we install this stove.

The warmth of the flames, and the smell of whatever is cooking will draw in the rest of the family. Soon, everyone will be relaxing in the cosy atmosphere invoked by one of our stoves. Get out the board games, put on the kettle, and get ready to enjoy some quality time.

These stoves might remind you of years gone by but are such a great investment for any home. By providing heating and cooking functionalities, you’ll be getting the best of both. In addition, our team here at Hearth House will make sure that your stove is professionally installed and will give you a five-year installation guarantee.

We also provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services to ensure that your wood-burning stove will give you plenty of heat and good food, for a long time to come. Have a look at our Esse cooker product range or come and visit our showroom. We’d be glad to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. You can also complete our online enquiry form and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.