Charnwood Aire 7

Charnwood Aire 7

From the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, the hero of the Charnwood range, welcome to the arena… the Charnwood Aire 7! Made from stunning British steel, the Aire 7 is one fantastic wood heater, with clean lines, an enormous viewing glass, and an epic 10mm steel cooktop.

Perfect for the average sized home that yearns for a more modern style wood heater, the Aire 7 features a cool to touch handle, air control and optional wood storage. With the ability to heat up to 130m², the Aire 7 is all about heating your home, and looking good doing it. And with an efficiency rating of 69%, your Aire 7 will use less wood than other heaters in its class. The Aire 7 also has the option to be flued from the top or the rear, giving you flexibility when it comes to installation.

One of the great things about the Aire 7 is its stunning 10mm steel cooktop. Perfect for boiling the kettle, simmering a pot, or cooking with a frying pan. This feature of the Aire 7 truly makes it stand out amongst the other modern heaters on the market.

A modern wood heater, more often than not, goes into a modern home. The issue with modern homes is that they are completely airtight, which causes wood heaters to struggle to breath. The solution for this is an Outside Air Intake, which connects an outlet on the heater to a duct that runs directly to the outside, bringing fresh air back into the heater. When you also add Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, which completely seals the room, you create a completely sealed system for your wood heater to burn and warm within.

It’s not hard to see why this beauty is the hero of the Charnwood range. It’s got the looks, but more importantly it’s got the fire in its belly and the ability to keep its wood consumption low. This unique heater is just waiting to be your wood heating champion.


Efficiency 69%
Emissions 1.4g
Heating Capacity 130m²
Dimensions 600mm x 535mm x 428mm
Rear clearance to combustible 100mm
Side clearance to combustible 425mm
Corner clearance to combustible 250mm
Clearance to non-combustible 25mm


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