Alberni 2.5 Wood Heater

Alberni 2.5 Wood Heater

The Pacific Energy Alberni 2.5 is designed for quality. Quality materials, quality heat and a quality experience. With gorgeous vitreous enamel sides and a modern charcoal finish, this heater will make a stunning centrepiece in any room.

When we say heat… we mean heat! The Alberni 2.5 has a whopping heat output of 300m²! This gives it the ability to heat the largest of rooms with ease, and the 12-15 hour burn time means those rooms will stay warm all night long, just throw another log on in the morning and you’re ready to go again. This, coupled with the unbelievable 82% efficiency means the Alberni 2.5 truly outperforms anything else in its class!

The Alberni is already a great heater, but it can be made even greater with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit. Swapping a triple skin flue kit out for the Insulated Flue allows you to get even better results from your heater (8% of heat retained, or a whole tonne of wood per year) and, with the Outside Air Intake, provides you a complete airtight system suitable for any home!

There’s so many great features in the Alberni 2.5, from the efficiency to the emissions (1g!), the cool, clean design and the beautiful flame pattern with the afterburn, it’s easy to see why the Alberni 2.5 is a true quality unit.

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