Alderlea T6

Alderlea T6

If you’re looking for maximum heat, you’ve found it here with the Pacific Energy Alderlea T6. Canadian made, with a steel underbody and a gorgeous heavy weight 140kg cast iron outer casing, this unit as all about quality and performance.

This is the main thing about the Alderlea T6… It’s big. It heats up to a whopping 300m², so it’s perfect for the largest of spaces which need heating. Sliding the trivet top away exposes the hotplate directly above the firebox, perfect for boiling a kettle or simmering away a soup. And with 64% efficiency and emissions as low as 1.1g, you can be sure that the heat output is not compromising the environment.

A large wood heater generally heats a larger space, which may have a higher roof line. This is no issue for the Alderlea T6, as it comes with an Extended Burn Time (EBT) as standard. The EBT breaks the draught, allowing the Alderlea T6 to operate as expected regardless of how much flue is on the heater. This is extra beneficial when using Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, as the extra heat kept in the room by the Insulated Flue (about 8%) increases the overall efficiency of the heater. Couple his with an Outside Air Intake and you get a completely airtight system, perfect for any home.

Stunning, heavy duty and warm, the Alderlea T6 is a brilliant heater for any large open space. With its vintage exterior and super modern interior, sometimes you really can have the best of both worlds!

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