Escea DL850 Gas Fireplace

Escea DL850 Gas Fireplace

High Efficiency Fireplace (Gas)

The DL850 gas fireplace is a perfect balance of high performance coupled with the stunning beauty that is Escea.

The DL850 points the direction for the future of gas fireplaces while at the same time following on from the highly regarded IB Series. While looking similar to the IB850 the DL850 is deceptive. Redesigned from the base up this fireplace outperforms IB850 in all areas. It is more efficient, has a higher heat output, and is quieter. Escea’s new generation Smart Heat controller coupled with Escea’s new Powered Vent Technology leaves you in control.

With 9.2 kW of heat output and up to 4.5 Star efficiency, this fireplace generates enough heat to quickly heat up the largest of rooms, making it perfect for the average-sized home.

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