Handcrafted by Master Stove Makers in Lancashire, United Kingdom, the ESSE 905EL is a brilliant electric stove, designed to be all about events. With its two ovens, different cooktops, and awesome plate warmer, the ESSE 905EL is all about those big family dinners that mean so much.

Induction isn’t something you would normally expect on such a gorgeous, old fashioned looking unit, yet here it is. A singe induction hotplate with all the benefits that come along with it. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and easy on the eyes too. And right next to it, a more traditional hotplate, which can hold up to two or three pots at once. The hotplate can also be used as a cooking surface, meaning you can sear, grill or char-steam (with the help of a bit of water and the chrome bolster lid) directly on top of the hotplate. On the right-hand side of the front, you have two true cooking ovens, both equipped with ESSE’s patented wrap-around technology, perfect for ensuring you get no cold spots in your ovens. And these ovens are big! They can take the enormous ESSE baking tray with ease, allowing you to cook for the largest of families with ease. And next to the ovens, on the left-hand side is the plate warmer. Unique to the 905EL, this plate warmer ensures that come dinner time, no food is going to go cold with beautiful warm plates. ESSE has thought of everything!

A single control panel, located next to the induction hotplate, controls the entirety of the stove. With this you can adjust the temperature of the hotplates and ovens, and even put the stove into slumber mode, saving you power and giving you a quick warm up when you need your stove to go. What sets ESSE apart from other stoves on the market is its colour. With 20 enamel colours, as well as a matte black, you can select the colour which best suits your home. And if you need more cooking, the ESSE 500EL or ESSE 500W make perfect companions to your new electric stove, as does the ESSE Rangehood, which is finished in a black enamel to match your hob.

With the family dinner in mind, it’s not hard to see how the ESSE 905EL has become a favourite in the UK. With its ovens perfect for cooking the large meals and the plate warmer ready to bring dinner up to an 11/10, this stove is ideal for Sunday Roast, Saturday night dinner, or any meal in the week between.

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