Boasting ESSE’s largest firebox and two true cooking ovens, the ESSE 905W wood stove is a fantastic wood stove from ESSE for those who love to bake. Handmade in Lancashire, United Kingdom, the 905W is the culmination of over 150 years of ESSE experience and technology.

It all starts from the firebox. With ESSE’s largest firebox, you can place in logs up to 450mm in length. And if you want some heat from your wood stove, simply open the enamel coated, cast-iron door and let the fire do the work. On the right-hand side, there are two true ovens. While the bottom one runs about 50° cooler, for those recipes where a bit less heat is needed, they are both perfect baker’s ovens. These ovens possess ESSE’s patented wrap around technology, meaning the ovens heat evenly no matter where you cook. Above the firebox is a dog-bone style hotplate. The left-hand side is perfect for boiling a kettle. And when you just want to simmer it, simply slide it across to the right-hand side away from the firebox and temperature drops down. Ideal for pots, a frying pan, or anything else you can think of, you can cook directly on the hotplate itself. Perfect for steak and veggies, the bolster lids can be lowered over your veggies, allowing you, with a dab of water, to char-steam your veggies directly on top of the hotplate. Simply magic. And for those wanting to live off-grid, the 905W is perfect, with the optional hot water jacket available, allowing you to produce hot water directly off your wood stove.

The ESSE 905W is available in 20 brilliant enamel colours as well as matte black. This variety of colours means there will be an ESSE which is perfect for your home. And with the option to add an electric companion next to your 905W, you can get the best of both wood and electric cooking without the compromises. The 905W has its own available rangehood, which aids the flue in suctioning up the smoke, and even with an electric companion. The flue is available in traditional air-cooled, or you can upgrade to Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit. With the Room Sealed Flue, you can retain 8% more heat in your room than the traditional air-cooled flue, as well as reducing the noise by up to 90%.

A wonderful unit, designed with care and consideration by ESSE, the ESSE 905W wood stove is a fantastic wood stove, ideal for the off-grid or energy conscious person who loves to bake, cook, grill and roast.

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