The flagship of ESSE’s electric cooker range, the ESSE 990ELX is one epic stove, designed to bring the restaurant experience into the home. Made in Lancashire, United Kingdom by ESSE’s Master Stove Makers, the ESSE 990ELX is the epitome of everything ESSE can do with their fantastic electric range.

The most immediately impressive thing about the 990ELX is the hotplates. On the left-hand side, you have a three-zone induction hotplate, giving you immense flexibility when it comes to putting your pots, pans, and kettles on top of the stove. But it’s the right-hand side, the skillet hotplate, that is truly special. A large rectangular hotplate, taken straight from the greatest of restaurants and placed directly in your home. Perfect for pancakes, flatbreads, drop scones, vegetables, chicken, steaks – basically anything your heart desires. And you can even lower the large bolster lid to trap the moisture, perfect for char steaming the vegetables.

Speaking of moisture, that’s the other secret when it comes to the ESSE 990ELX. With most electric ovens, you get what you’re given… but not with the 990ELX. You can control the moisture levels in the two right-hand side ovens, simply by opening the moisture valve on top of the stove. This allows you to have a wet oven, perfect for baking, or a dry oven to get the crispiest of roast potatoes. These two ovens also feature ESSE’s trademark wrap-around technology, ensuring perfect heat every time. On the left-hand side, the bottom oven is a warming oven, meaning you can keep your food nice and warm when everything else just isn’t quite done yet. And behind the door up above are the hidden controls, giving you premier access to all the minutia of controlling your stove.

As with all ESSE range cookers, you get access to their incredible colour range, 20 enamel colours as well as a matte black option. These allow your stove to truly stand out and become the perfect part of your restaurant… I mean kitchen. Although with the ESSE 990ELX, who can tell the difference anymore?

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