“I am writing this letter of commendation to WA’s Cockburn Hearth House to applaud Dylan, one of your salesmen, for the lovely way he communicated with me on the phone and when I came to your shop to buy a new gas fire. He could not have been more helpful.

On Friday July 18, after my gas fire died the night before, I’d called Hearth House while driving to my home, to inquire about the possibility of buying a new gas fire.

Prior to speaking with Dylan, I had no intention of driving from Hamilton Hill to your Cockburn shop. I desperately needed rest. But, because, and only because of the lovely, clear, informative and jovial way he was with me, I decided to drive the distance. He’d made the directions very clear.

When I arrived he was just as lovely and I purchased a new fire.

I often speak of beautiful people at times like this. Angels. Without wanting to boost his ego too much, as far as I am concerned, he’s one of them.

What a lovely asset he is to your business.

Huge thanks to Dylan for delightfully lifting my day”

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